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        Phone: +44 (0)7985.797.942


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The Numbers of homeless are growing! Together we can end it                          


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   47 is the  average age of death of a homeless person.

Rough sleepers are almost 17 times more likely to have been a victim of violence

Sleeping rough on the street is frightening, demoralising and isolating. More than 8,000

people slept rough on London's streets during 2015/2016 (the number has more than doubled over the last five years, and nearly trebled over the last ten years, with a 188% increase).

Are you currently homeless or sleeping rough


If you’re currently sleeping on the streets, please contact StreetLink. StreetLink is the national rough sleeper referral service, managed by Homeless Link in partnership with St Mungo's. Contact them by:                                    

            Visiting the                                  website


StreetLink’s volunteers and staff will help as soon as they can – but please don’t wait. If you’re able to, please seek other help in the meantime. Your first priority should be your Local Authority's Housing Options team. Call on 0300 500 0914


Killing with Kindness

Killing with kindness seeks to inforn the public about the potencial dangers of giving change to people begging on the street

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Super-Strength Drinks

Super-strength beers and high-strength ciders are one of the biggest killers of homeless people

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Mental Health

51% of people sleeping on London's Street have poor Mental Health.

Helping the Homeless 

"Make a one off, or set up a regular donation"

Helping the Homeless

Heart Make a Doantion toiletries

Many of the homeless ask for toiletry items

Travel or any size is welcome. Have left overs from hotels, toss them in! Have large sizes you never used, we’ll take those too!

- Shampoo

- Shower Gel

- Soap

- Deodorant

- Combs

- Brushes

- Toothbrushes

- Toothpaste

- Razors

- Shaving Foam

- Wet Wipes

- Feminine Hygiene

Toiletry List

Registered Charity No.1176000

Our aim is to help the homeless people. We are a charitable organisation that support London's homeless community and rough sleepers. We support London's homeles in Charing Cross,    ,  all year around.

We show compassion to serve the needly. We support those who are less fortunate than us.

Please donate to this very worthy and needed cause.

Homeless cold winter

This is how you can help the Homeless this Winter

Ice Temperatures, rain and snow put the Homeless at risk of exposure and hypothermia. Winter weather can prove fatal for those sleeping rough.

Treat them like a human being, stop for a cup of tea and a quick chat. Help rough sleeper care for their DOG's friend with dog food and a warm jacket. Give your old winter jackets or coat for an individual in need. Purchase useful itens such as warn hats, gloves, socks, scarfs, backpack & sleeping bags. Everyone deserves dignity, deserves a roof over their heads and to live a safe life away from streets.

Become a volunteer for our Charity, get in touch with us.


Call Street Link if you see someone sleeping rough

Please Donate...

If you would like to donate any food we would appreciate donation for:

- Crisps

- Chocolates

- Biscuits

- Soft Drink

- Cereal Bars  

- Food containers

- Polystyrene cups

- Wet wipes

- Bin bags

- Hand sanitizer

If you would like to donate any hot meal, drinks, water, snaks, please get in touch with us.

food donation


COVID-19 Update

Please read our guidenceon how you can protect yourself and others homelessman FIP Christmas Card 2020